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You have found the most complete Pattaya resource with all the information you need to make your holiday in Pattaya everything you could imagine and more. This site is extensive so take your time browsing through all the information.

The Forum

We host Pattaya's most active forum. If you don't find what you want in the information pages post your question on the forum and one of our 4,000 members is sure to have the answer.

The forum is split into two sections. You can browse the "Open to all Forum" anytime. You must register if you want to post something. Registration is FREE and immediate.

The members forum is more adult orientated. It is still FREE to join but you must apply first and it may take a few days before you are accepted. Non-members can not browse the members area.

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How to use this site

  • If you are new to Pattaya start with the orientation pages. They provide a quick jump start to Pattaya life.
  • If you are involved with a Thai girl and would like to understand her a little better, try The Girls section for some interesting thoughts on the way Thai girls think and how foreigners can best relate to them.
  • If you arrived here by accident, stick around. Once you learn about Pattaya it is most unlikely you will ever want to go anywhere else for a vacation. Be warned that the experience is addictive.
  • If you need accommodation check out our extensive hotel review section. Over 500 hotels are reviewed in all price brackets. Once you have read the reviews you can book at over 500 hotels throughout Thailand, right from this site. We recommend The Residence Garden all suites hotel and offer a substantial discount for online bookings.
  • If you want to know more about Pattaya's extensive nightlife then check out the Nightlife section for a full rundown on ways to dance and party till dawn.
  • The tourist section has information on the usual tourist daytime activities. From temples to tiger zoos, you'll find something to keep you busy during the days.
  • If you are already familiar with Pattaya and would like to discuss your experiences, join the free members forum for a lively discussion on all aspects of Pattaya life.